Volkswagen Digital Dealer Program


January 2015


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Adpearance’s digital advertising and SEO services provide ongoing digital education to help support Volkswagen dealers across the country in their online marketing efforts.  

With over 650 dealerships across the United States, Volkswagen Group of America continues to innovate and penetrate the American market. The Volkswagen Digital Dealer Program was built on a mission to not only provide the best digital services for every dealership, but to educate dealers on digital marketing and how it fits into a healthy overall marketing mix. The program is comprised of a strong team that tackles every part of the digital landscape and is a crucial resource for dealerships across the country.

As one of only two digital advertising-specific providers in the Volkswagen Digital Dealer Program, Adpearance delivers the results and maintains a strong digital presence for each Volkswagen dealership that we work with.


Volkswagen Program

Digital Advertising

Using Adpearance’s core strategies of granularity and data-driven results, we create unique, tailored digital advertising campaigns for each Volkswagen dealership we partner with.

Custom text and display ads, sales influenced geo-targeting, ultra-granular campaign structures, and custom model-specific landing pages are a few of the many keys to success.

Our in-depth, transparent reporting enables each Volkswagen dealership to work closely with our team of experts while continuously evolving their overall digital strategy.

Adpearance digital advertising for VW includes both display and text pay-per-click.

Search Engine Optimization

Adpearance also leverages our deep history in search engine optimization services for Volkswagen dealership clients. With our custom geo-targeted content and site optimization, our SEO services are anything but streamline.

Adpearance SEO services provide fresh, effective content, generate more positive user experiences, and ultimately, drive the volume and quality that your site has been missing.