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Rachel Sather

The 2023 Facebook Ads Guide for Auto Dealers

Facebook has seemingly endless options for advertising — but not all ad types drive the performance your dealership needs. Generate more high-quality, low-funnel leads for...
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Explore New YouTube Advertising Opportunities

The average shopper hit dozens of digital touchpoints before ultimately visiting a website to make a purchase. Round out your advertising strategy by featuring your...
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YouTube Ads in 60 Seconds with the Google Asset Library

Among the many products announced at Google Marketing Live 2022, the new Asset Library will soon present a quick and accessible option for businesses to...
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The 2022 Facebook Ads Guide for Auto Dealers

Leverage Facebook’s dynamic ads and robust targeting to capture low-funnel car shoppers for your dealership. Use these tips and best practices to maximize ROI and...
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4 Ways Dynamic Video Ads Improve Your Lead Generation

A lot of businesses miss out on the benefits of video advertising because video creation, ongoing updates, and ad management are thought to be time-intensive...
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What to Expect from Facebook Topic Exclusion Controls

Facebook is testing new advertiser topic exclusion controls with the aim to address marketers’ concerns about the content that accompanies their ads in News Feeds.
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The 2021 Facebook Ads Guide for Auto Dealers

Facebook has emerged as a both a brand awareness and lead-generation channel for advertisers in the automotive space.
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