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Vehicle Ads in Your Marketing Mix

Curious about how new Google Vehicle Ads can benefit your dealership’s advertising performance? These high-value ad placements rank above other ad types or search results and are proving to be a strong addition to our clients’ marketing mixes.

Vehicle Ads layer in elements of e-commerce to improve the customer experience and increase dealers’ abilities to push up-to-date inventory, prices, and incentives. Since launching as a beta program earlier this year, Vehicle Ads are generating 78% more clicks and 37% more conversions for our clients at a 71% lower cost per conversion compared to traditional model campaigns.

How Vehicle Ads Benefit Your Marketing Mix

New Placement On An Intent-Driven Platform

Google continues to roll out Vehicle Ads across relevant search engine results pages (SERPs) as the beta ad type expands its reach on the platform. The ad type supports a hybrid demand capture and push promotional strategy. We can serve users ads that match their exact specifications or a wider range of vehicles that meet their search parameters. Once fully launched, we expect Vehicle Ads to be one of the most effective ad types for push promotional strategies.

Convenience for Customers and Dealers

The dynamic inventory feed that seamlessly creates Vehicle Ads with your current inventory, prices, and incentives gets users to your website so they become a high-quality lead, faster. Vehicle Ads shorten a user’s journey from a relevant search in Google to your website’s vehicle detail page (VDP) for the exact vehicle they were served in the ad. When a user enters a vehicle-related search, they are served relevant vehicles in the ad carousel. If they select the ad, they are sent directly to the VDP instead of a filtered category page where they might lose interest and not complete a conversion.

A Game Changer for Used Car Advertising

Vehicle Ads are an asset to new and used car campaigns alike but have a larger impact on used car advertising. Customers looking for a new car tend to execute specific searches at a high volume that we can anticipate but used car customers behave differently. They are more of a challenge to advertise to because they are executing broader searches driven by cost and function for an ever-changing inventory. The dynamic inventory feed makes it possible to sustainably serve highly relevant ads featuring your current used car inventory, which is more valuable than ever as inventory challenges persist.

Next Steps

Need help launching Vehicle Ads for your dealership? Adpearance has over a decade of experience connecting ads to sales, prioritizing performance, and making it as easy as possible for your dealership. We’ll start with a free digital analysis to assess the opportunity in your market and determine how Vehicle Ads can be leveraged for sales success.

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Jason oversees Google program adoption and beta testing of new strategies. He's been testing the Google Dealer Playbook strategies for hundreds of dealers and brings informed real-world experience to any conversation.

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