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What Does AI-powered Bing Chat Mean for Your Business?

It feels like a new AI tool is launching daily, and Microsoft is including itself in the conversation with Bing Chat. Leveraging the same technology as ChatGPT, Bing Chat integrates the AI chatbot directly into the search engine within the Edge browser, Edge app, or Bing app.

Now is a great time to familiarize yourself with how AI integrations work on search engines so you can start leveraging them for your business.

New Bing Chat Capabilities

Create Custom Images

Leverage Image Creator to create the exact image you want directly within the Bing Chat platform. While Image Creator cannot replace quality catalog images of your inventory, it can help build your creative assets without the assistance of a graphic designer.

Create custom images highlighting your business and the products and services you offer to leverage across social media, your business’s website, and more. Not satisfied with the initial image presented or want to go in another direction? No problem. Continue refining the images within your conversation with Bing Chat.

Read Digestible Summaries

The Internet hosts an unimaginable amount of information. Bing Chat could potentially speed up the research phase of the buyer’s journey. Potential customers can now ask Bing Chat for an easy-to-read summary of the products or services they are interested in. Users receive an answer that focuses on the most important pieces of information. The summaries include citations so that users can trust the expertise of the source and understand any biases that might be reflected in the information.

Ask Follow-up Questions

What if your potential customers have trouble finding an answer to their specific questions? Bing Chat remembers what it already shared with a user in the chat, so they can continue refining their question until the user gets the exact answer they need.

Get Help Composing Messages

Writer’s block is real and can prevent you from writing the emails, speeches, and website copy you need to get the job done. Lean on Bing Chat to help write the first draft of an email to a prospective customer or take an existing draft to the next level.

How Bing Chat Impacts Your Advertising Strategy

Bing Chat is a free platform with organic listings and paid placements. Hover over an underlined listing to view the link to the referenced organic listing and a paid ad placement.

The new AI tool should increase traffic to Edge and Bing and boost exposure to ads on the platforms. Bing has a lower cost-per-click than paid search on Google and is always a good addition to your advertising mix.

Interested in Adding Microsoft Ads to Your Ad Strategy?

Our team of digital strategists is available to answer questions or discuss the Microsoft Ads strategy that best fits your business needs. Reach out anytime or schedule a free digital analysis to get the conversation started.

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